Why the government regularly screws up on policy

I am a regular listener to the podcasts from Pragati. I also read the articles on their website (www.thinkpragati.com). Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the matter. The recent spate of bad decisions by the government on many policies – demonetization, price caps on stents and food sold…

Chotta Rajan: The Making of a Criminal

Almost everyone in India knows the name of Chotta Rajan today. He is a career criminal and, most probably, deserves all the punishment that is coming his way. But this story needn’t have turned out this way. Chotta Rajan started his “life of crime” selling movie tickets in the black market outside Sahakar theatre in…

Tips for Commuting by Cycle – Staying Fresh at Work

Commuting by cycle in India is different from doing it in Europe where the weather is cooler and the dust on the roads are not as bad. In India, you are going to sweat and by the time you reach your office you will also have a layer of dust that has stuck to aforementioned…

Tips for Commuting by Cycle – Punctures

I’ve been cycling to work for a month now and I’ve enjoyed every moment. So much so, that I am going to continue doing it through the Hyderabad summer. However, for those who plan to commute to work by cycle, there are a few things to keep in mind. Punctures are bound to happen. Nails…

Nans and Nakedness

Did you know that the Indian bread nan is related to the word naked? The English word Naked and the Sanskrit word Nagna come from the same root word. In the olden days, most food was cooked covered, which meant that hot coals were placed below and above the dish. However, some dishes were cooked…

On The Contrary | Dying Languages

India is home to one of the largest variety of languages. You are not, and should not, be surprised to know that. Results of a four-year survey that was released in 2013 counted over 780 languages in India. This is in stark contrast to the official figure of 122. But this disparity can be explained…

Killing Time

When I am on the road, the biggest obstacle to conquering longer distances is trying to keep my mind off thinking about how much further I have to ride. After about the 10 km mark, my mind starts to wander.

Why the Shani Temple Judgement is a Dangerous Precedent

his ruling is a dangerous step in to religious affairs by an entity who, by its very nature, must work on a canvas much larger than the constraint of a small set of believers. The ruling is a direct intervention by the state in deciding how individuals must understand their religious beliefs.

Which cycle should I buy?

The sheer variety in terms of types and brands of cycles in India mirrors the auto industry. From two brands and as many models, we now have so many brands and each have multiple models from which to choose. So it is not surprising that someone who wants to start cycling starts with the question, “Which cycle should I buy?”

Is anything neutral?

The ongoing debate on net-neutrality seems to evoke very strong sentiments from the segment of people for it rather than the people against it. Most searches on this subject returned links that pointed to articles telling me why FreeBasics would be bad for the economy and how it was tantamount to the British East India Company’s takeover of the Indian economy. For some reason I was unable to buy into the argument. None of the arguments against FreeBasics seemed to hold too much water.

Goa – Hyderabad | Via Yadgir

The roads are pretty decent almost all the way through. However, there is construction along the way, but these are short stretches. These are not major highways so they are not divided. Most of the route is just a ribbon of road with traffic coming both ways.