Intolerance is an individual choice

If Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan can be judged as individuals then the people making the judgements should be ready to be judged as individuals too. I refuse to paint all Hindus as intolerant just because one Hindu is intolerant and insecure. Furthermore, I refuse to paint all Indians as intolerant just because one Indian is intolerant and insecure.


How the Allahabad court intends to improve public schools

ssentially, what the court is saying is that if the IAS officers, IPS officers, judges and ministers send their kids to public schools, the quality of education will improve because these officials will ensure adherence to the minimum requirements set down by the education ministry and various boards.

Scion of Ikshvaku | 1/5

I remember picking up Immortals of Meluha at the airport. The attractive cover coupled with an interesting synopsis had me hooked. Full credit to Amish, the other two books in the series lived up to the promise made in the first installment. So when Amish announced Scion of Ikshvaku, I looked forward to the book…

Highway Encounter

The trip was about 325 km long and took about 7 hours to complete. This meant that I would reach Bangalore by about 8 p.m., which would leave me the entire weekend with my girl.

Liverpool and Free Transfers

This year Liverpool are looking at two free transfer targets – James Milner (Manchester City) and Danny Ings (Burnley). In a season that will most probably be a make-or-break for Brendan Rodgers, he may do well to look at the past record on free transfers before he starts making plans.

On the Contrary | I Loved Bombay Velvet | 3/5

It’s been panned by almost all reviewers and the movie going public has stayed away. Bottomline, Bombay Velvet is a flop. I don’t necessarily understand why, but those are the facts. Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) and his friend Chimman (Satyadeep Misra) are from the lower strata of Bombay. They dream of becoming “big shots” and see…

Gerrard – Icon, Talisman, Legend

Words such as iconic, talismanic and legend are bandied about loosely. But when used in the context of Stevie G, they truly stand up to the test and pass with flying colors.

On the Contrary | Why we need the Saamna

The illustrious newspaper Saamna, also the mouthpiece of the venerable Shiv Sena party, has asked that the right of Muslims to vote should be revoked. Like moth to a flame, all the secular politicians have rushed in to criticize the Saamna. Some have gone so far as to ask for a ban on this wonderful newspaper.

On The Contrary | The Farmer v/s The Hunters

Mr. Mander’s article goes on to tell us that Mr. Modi’s ideas to attract big business through sops is a bad idea. So what would he have us do? Can we sustain our population on farming? Do we have enough land so that everybody can have their own little plot on which they can grow what they need?

Let’s Enable the Change

However, this spotlight on the “evil” men harassing women all over the country has its downsides too. For one, most men are painted by the same brush. A woman standing at a bus stop looks at the man sharing the shelter with suspicion, even though he may be, and most probably is, harmless. This is not to say that we should ease off on covering these stories and highlighting the dangers faced by our women every day as they go about trying to live their lives. Far from it, such intense pressure is indeed necessary