On the Contrary | Alia Bhatt is Actually Smart

Alia_BhattOkay, that title is the last Alia Bhatt joke in this article. I happened to see Student of the Year, I have two kids aged 8 and 6 what did you expect. I also know that Alia Bhatt jumped up and answered “Prithviraj Chauhan” when asked “Who is the President of India?”

But what really made me sit up and take notice of this pretty young thing was the (I am ashamed to admit this) AIB Knockout, where she was quite at ease laughing at herself and her lack of general knowledge. As luck would have it, the AIB clip was followed by a clip she made that poked fun at herself. People who can laugh at themselves always impress me. Such people cant be bad, even if they do goof up from time to time.

This week has been all about Salman Khan. The superstar was finally found guilty and sentenced for a 12-year-old case where he drove his car over four people sleeping on the pavement – killing one and injuring the others. 12 years that he, along with his lawyers, tried every move to keep himself out of jail. The industry was quick to take to Twitter and in the process show all of us that unless their lines are scripted, their thoughts aren’t worth the paper they are written on.


Among all the tweets, Alia’s tweet stood out as not just the most genuine, but also the most sane.

In 104 characters, Alia showed not just her empathy with a fellow professional, but also her maturity.

With this tweet, I believe she has wiped out the “Prithviraj Chauhan is the President of India” goof.

As for the others…..


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