What if…

Rahul Gandhi.img_assist_custom-242x340The strangest of thoughts struck me today – what if Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have decided that they will destroy the party and system that destroyed their family? Of course, we can also put the reverse spin to it and ask – what if Sonia and Rahul have decided that the only way this country can move forward is if they destroy the Congress and the hegemony it continues to propagate.

Let us take a look at the clues we have at our disposal.

First, Sonia Gandhi refuses the prime minister’s post, albeit on the pressure from the opposition. But what if that event inadvertently set her off thinking whether the only way to protect her children was to slowly divest the power entrusted to her family?

Then she gives the country, what seems like, its best prime ministerial candidate. But things don’t work according to plan and he turns out to not just be the worst prime minister in Indian history, but possibly the most inept leader the world has ever known.

That obviously puts pressure on the Gandhis to thrown Rahul Gandhi into politics, which given Sonia’s reluctance to allow Rajiv in would not have gone down too well with her.

So they do the next best thing, bring him in low and let him work towards destroying the Gandhi myth. Which he has been doing well. Along with that, he has been quietly dismantling the structure of the party. Introducing elections, and concentrating on merit-based ticket distribution.

All right, so it hasn’t made too much difference yet. But he is doing it brick by brick. The incompetent man heading the country is ably helping the mother-son duo. Not just are they able to destroy the Gandhi hegemony, but destroy the Congress as a viable political party too.

Wishful thinking? Maybe.

Lekin woh zindagi hi kya jisme koi namumkin sapna na ho? – Khamoshi, The Musical.


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  1. nirbhayasindia says:

    Love the irony of your utterances.

    If inclined, do read the story of the awakening of a spent nation written completely in verse at ww.nirbhayasindia.com

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