Anushka Sharma’s backward steps for woman- and humankind

English: Anushka Sharma at a Band Baaja Baaraa...I am sure that Anushka Sharma is a sweet lady. The child of an army man and educated in good schools and colleges. It would stand to reason then that she is a sensible person with a perfectly good head on her shoulders. To take things a little further, I would like to think that she believes that a woman is equal to a man in most everything and can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of them.

If my assumptions, which are not too far out I should say, are correct, I am still trying to figure out how she could have given the nod to the role offered to her by Aditya Chopra, who it would seem has no clue about women and womanhood. Yes, I am referring to her role in the recently release object of torture Jab Tak Hai Jaan.So let’s take a look at the role she assays. The girl, Akira, is supposedly the face of the new, modern Indian woman. She is educated, knows what she wants and goes to any lengths to get it. But then why on Earth would you fill the role with clichés that Indian womanhood is struggling to get rid off?

For one, she is sexually liberated and sex does not automatically mean marriage to her. Fair enough. But her brush-off of her boyfriend is so badly handled that it makes her look like a slut rather than someone who can have sex with a friend and retain the friendship without making the partner feel like a used and discarded condom.

Secondly, for someone who is smart she displays an amazing lack of sense of dress. In fact, her clothes with her sexual liberation reinforce the impression so fondly held on to by idiotic people who justify rape based on the woman’s choice of clothes. A sexually woman doesn’t have to put her body on display every time she leaves the house. There are a trillion other ways to get men interested in you.

Thirdly, with silly stunts like jumping to a freezing lake in nothing more than a swimsuit and then needing to be rescued furthers the other great misconception of pretty girls as airheads.

I totally get it that movies are a mode of entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriously. But that does not absolve the medium from the guilt that it propagates many of the myths that lead to serious injuries to women on the street. I am sure that there are ways to make entertaining cinema while changing social ideas at the same time.

Shame on you Anushka!


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