Toilets v/s Temples

Recently I found myself in the rather strange and novel situation of being in complete agreement with a politician. Jayaram Ramesh’s push towards more toilets is laudable on many fronts.

While on the face of it, toilets may be seen as a simple step towards hygiene. There serve a much bigger purpose in this land filled with animals of lust. A toilet in the home will allow the women the dignity of answering nature’s call and maintaining their hygiene within safe confines rather than have to expose themselves to the lecherous gawking of sick animals that pass off as men.

Mr. Ramesh’s ploy to contrast the number of temples in the country to the number of toilets was a masterstroke. This ensures that the RSS and the rest of the right-wing brigade would ensure that the topic got widespread coverage and is being talking about.

Strangely nobody seems to see the incongruity of a society where people are ready to kill, maim or ostracize women based on “holy” books but at the same time does nothing to enforce, the detailed and often still relevant, methods of hygiene described in those very books. The places of worship in India are some of the dirtiest and least hygienic in the country. As usual we give precedence to the act rather than the idea behind the act.


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