Cutting the nose…

On September 9, a young girl returning from her uncle’s house was allegedly raped by a group of boys. It took her a couple of days to muster up the courage to inform her mother. The news was kept from her father who came to know of it nonetheless and then committed suicide.

For no fault of hers, this girl is now going to go through life feeling guilty about the death of her father which was bought on by the shame. Yet another instance of how we men think only of ourselves and conveniently forget the effect of our actions on our women.

What Father’s action has done is effectively removed any chance of reconciliation or closure for that innocent girl. Assuming the rape did happen, no action can bring her any sort of closure. The boys can only be punished for raping her. The case cannot and should not mention Father’s suicide and the punishment meted out will be only for the rape. Who answers for Father’s death? Who explains to the little girl that she is not to blame for an unfeeling coward’s act?

A few weeks ago NDTV had a lady on a show who had been raped during the Gujarat riots. Her husband stood by her through all her trials and tribulations. She came across as someone at peace with herself. I am sure a lot of that comes from having people around her who care for her, who respect her.

The time for us to put behind us our false sense of values and history has passed by generations ago. Unless we let go of our baggage this country and her people will continue to live empty, fruitless lives.


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