Are we evolving in our brains?

The Earth is in a constant state of change, some of it natural and some through the machinations of humans. Whatever the origin of the change in our environment, we are forced to adapt or evolve to keep up. Science and engineering have gone a long way in helping us adapt our surroundings to counter these changes.

The advances in science have made us push our brains to its limits. For instance, the other day I was listening to a program where a scientist was talking about something that exists only in a 15-dimensional space. How does one even begin to comprehend a 15-dimensional space? I have trouble imagining anything over four dimensions. However arcane and far-out these subjects may seem, there is a pretty good chance that the future of humankind may depend on the areas these disciplines are exploring. But I do not think our brains were built to stand the kind of pressures these studies are putting. So we find deviations in the structure of the brain in more and more people. Autism and its various forms may just be as a result of these.

Let me state here that I have come across no scientific article that supports what I am suggesting. This is just my impression on something that affects us all.

So what exactly is autism? Simply put, it is a complex disorder where the brain has not developed in what we consider a normal manner. This leads to the individual having difficulty with communication and social interaction. In the USA 1 in 88 children are diagnosed as being in the autistic spectrum. In India there are over 2,000,000 (roughly 1 in 250) children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

While people diagnosed with ASD do have communication and social interaction issues, many of them are also exceptionally gifted in areas as varied as math and music, physics and art. In fact it may take a differently wired brain to push the boundaries of math and science. Who knows, it may become a prerequisite.

So are we evolving in the brain? Is nature responding to the demands we are putting on our brains and tinkering with it structure, trying to find the next stage in the evolution of this key component to our body? Are today’s autistic children just nature’s first attempts at building the next version brain? Are we looking at a future where some autistic ability will be a prerequisite for success?

We have all but used up what the Earth can give us. We are very close to the point of no return as far as destroying the Earth we inherited in concerned, if not already beyond it. The answer to our future lies in either recreating the Earth or in finding another home. The former requires differently abled minds and the latter differently abled bodies.

The X-Men maybe here already.

China 1,100,000
India 2,000,000
United States 1,500,000
United Kingdom 650,000
Mexico 150,000
Philippines 500,000
Thailand 180,000

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