Demeaning Achievement

Vote for your hero –

This is a CNN initiative to recognize people who have been making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. While the CNN effort is creditable, in this day and age of reality shows, there is already a lot of lobbying going on to get people to vote for people from their region or country.

Take a look at this page from NDTV –

Let us first understand that this is not the Olympics. Nayaranan is not going to pick up the tricolor and run victory laps if he wins. He will quietly go back to Madurai and continue to feed the hungry. He is not batting for India. He, and the others, are batting for humanity. We should now demean their efforts by bringing it down to nationalistic jingoism.

I don’t know which hero I will vote for, but I do know that NDTV does not get my vote for maturity.


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