A View of the Ayodhya Verdict

For long now the Indian courts have stood tall ensuring that the rights of the people are protected even as institution after institution kept crumbling under the pressure of trying to live up to the farcical image of what passes for Indian democracy. However, on September 30, 2010 that last bastion too fell.

For over half a century the case of the disputed land at Ayodhya has been languishing in the courts. As it meandered its way through the labyrinth of a legal system, the parasitic politicians used it the shed blood and in the process ensure that there was no way the courts could truly be unbiased when handing down the verdict. The ploy worked and the Allahabad High Court handed down a spineless verdict which makes mockery of the term justice.

Let us make a few assumptions here.

  1. There was a functioning Ram temple at the location where the Babri Masjid stands.
  2. Babar demolished the Ram temple to build a mosque.

Note that of the above assumptions have been neither proven nor disproven in a court of law.

Fact – A mosque which is at least 500 years old at the site.

Now when we look at the judgment which calls for a three-way distribution of the land on which this mosque stands, you realize the enormity of the decision. Remember, courts always operate on precedence. The precedent this ruling sets is one beset with inherent dangers. It must be passed on to the Supreme Court because this ruling has the potential to open the flood gates – not just for claims on ancient lands but also for more bloodshed.

By saying that the land should be divided into three, the Allahabad High Court has effective legalized the demolition of a heritage site.

It also sets the precedent that anybody can manage to wriggle out at least half of your property by showing that a temple, mosque, or gurudwara existed there at some point of time. There is no need to prove whether at the time of you building your home the place of worship was even in use.

If December 6, 1992 was a shameful day for our right to practice any religion, September 30, 2010 put paid to any pretentions that our legal system is immune to the politics of hate that the right-wing has been pedaling over the last decade and half.


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