The Rotting of Sport – II

My previous article The Rotting of Sport got me thinking and searching. The results were surprising. First, I went to my trusted Wikipedia and searched for sporting moments. Expectedly it threw up a page, what was unexpected was the contents of the page – 100 Greatest Sporting Moments. This list was a surprise because Channel 4 is a British television station and I would have expected the British to know their English.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines sporting as Practising or exemplifying the ideals of a particular sport; characterized by sportsmanlike conduct; (also more generally) fair, generous; resilient, ‘game’. The Channel 4 list clearing was not a list of sporting moments, in fact it lists Maradona’s hand-of-God goal at #5.

Clearly disappointed with Wikipedia, I went to Bing and here are the results. This lead to me the Fiji Times’ Sporting Moments of 2009. Here again I found no sporting moments, but Thierry Henri’s infamous goal against Ireland was on the list.

So then I turned to Google, the results were equally disappointing.

Can we have the sportsmen back please?


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