Celestial Events in Hollywood

Hollywood loves its celestial event movies. Be it Lara Croft or Armegeddon, rare celestial events are for ever threatening life as we know it.

3/8 was host to one such celestial event – the Academy Awards was being held on Women’s day. A rare celestial event when two very diverse events occured on the same day. There was no way Hollywood was going to miss out on this one.

So they go out and give a woman the award for best director, in the process making it the lowest grossing movie to win an award. It was celestial alignment once more that she beat her ex-husband who was nominated for a movie that stands second only to Titanic in box-office collections, although the jury is still out on which of his two mega-million earning movies is worse.

Then there was Sandra Bullock, all fresh from winning the Razzie the previous night. In 24 hours she went from worst actress of the year to best actress. Talk about speed. But I must admit, she was awesome when they asked her about it. It takes guts to say, “That’s how it is, I am going to have lots of moments of terrible acting and a few small moments, sublime moments when everything comes together and it is great.” Way to go Sandy. Love you always.

After giving Slumdog Millionaire everything it deserved and a lot that it didn’t, I was almost too afraid to watch this year expecting Avatar to walk away with everything. Fortunately common sense prevailed and the Titanic debacle was not repeated.

All I know is there are two Sandra Bullock movies I need to be watching.



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