The Tiger Drama

So Tiger Woods cheated on his wife.

Question, how does that matter to anybody except the Woods?

Question, why does it deserve to make a tabloid of our sports pages?

Question, why are we surprised?

Question, since when is a sportsman the symbol of marital honesty?

The public drama that followed the discovery that the greatest sportsman of our times cheated in bed has been, frankly, surprising.

This article does not intend to discuss the right and wrong of cheating on a spouse. However, we must ask ourselves if all the drama and reactions that followed this discovery was warranted.

Apart from Mrs. Woods’ infamous club wielding, can the reactions of the newspapers and Mr. Woods’ sponsors Accenture be justified?

Even with my limited knowledge of Mr. Woods, I cannot ever recall him saying that he was a virtuous man. He is however the world’s best golfer.

At no time has Mr. Woods ever claimed to being the epitome of marital fidelity. However, he does give the impression that he works very hard to keep winning golf tournaments.

So why does an Accenture drop him as their ambassador? Did he cheat in a golf game? Did he cheat in his dealings with them? Did he commit an act that would make it legally impossible to play golf?

If Accenture wanted a morally impeccable character to endorse them, they should have gotten the Pope, or a President. For the kind of money they are willing to pay, I am sure any number of ex-Presidents would be glad to be the face of Accenture.

Mr. Woods is a golfer, and exceptional one at that. Expecting any more from him is unfair.


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