Yet Another Farce

Cricket seems to be hellbent on shooting itself in the foot. Instead of making itself more competitive, the old men upstairs seem to think that cricket should be all about belting a ball all over the place. After making a series of rule changes which have, over the last decade, destroyed cricket as a battle between batsman and bowler and turned it into a contest of how much further each batsman can hit the cricket ball.

If that isnt bad enough, cricket is the only sport than combines the league and knockout formats in an unfair manner. A case in point is the recently concluded IPL 20-20 Season 2 tournament. The Delhi Dare Devils came out on top at the end of the league stages where every team played the other twice. Delhi were the comprehensive winners there. But then cricket is about vicarious pleasures rather than an competition of equals. So the league phase of the tournament is followed by a two-stage knowckout, called the semi-finals and final.

In this edition, the finalists ended up as the two teams that scraped through into the top four, which the two teams that performed most consistently throughout the tournament were penalized for having one bad day each.

Keep it up guys!


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