In To The Future – A Gay World

Son: Dad, I have someone in my life.
Dad feels the perspiration break out in anticipation of what is coming.
Son: I know you have very clear ideas on whom I should marry. But you must understand that it is my life and my choice.
Dad feels the heartattack coming.
Son: I know she isn’t perfect, but then who is?
Dad feels an overwhelming need to pour a bottle of whiskey down his throat.
Son: I mean, it’s not like you can blame her if her last five husbands were assholes.
Dad trying to clear his head and throat. He croaks something that sounds like, “she?”.
Son: Okay fine, so she drinks a little and snorts a few. But she is good at heart.
Dad: Did you say “she”?
Son: Dad, are you listening to me? I love this woman.
Dad feels a warm feeling envelope him.
Son: Dad? Are you okay?
Dad: You want to marry a woman?
Son: Yeah.
Dad reaches out and hugs the son.
Dad: Go with my blessings son. Have a happy life.
Dad falls to his knees crying, “Thank you God”.


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