Vinay needs

What I need, according to Google!
This note was done because it actually made me chuckle. Instructions: Do a Google search for your first name plus the word needs. Cut and paste the first ten hits below or skip to a better one if a super lame one pops up. Enjoy!

1. Vinay needs to improve his expressions.

2. Vinay needs a bone marrow match.

3. Vinay needs his own travel channel show called kickin’ it with the locals all over the world.

4. Vinay needs 17 FIDE rating points to reach 2500.

5. Vinay needs to know about everything.

6. Vinay needs food.

7. Vinay needs real good scripts to take him ahead.

8. Vinay needs a ped/dermatologist to prescribe a cream you can apply over the area.

9. Vinay needs to give Malti a tamacha in front his parents.

10. Vinay needs to chill.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Serendipity says:

    This doesn’t work for me!! I only got “…Run a needs-….” or Needs to Run a…”, etc.Well…sigh.

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