Cascade Loop (SR20)

450 miles, an ever-changing landscape makes this drive a must-do if you ever happen to be in Seattle.

My route.

I started from Redmond and headed out to Darringon at the foot of the Cascades. At Darrington you get on the SR20, which winds through the northern part of the Cascades. This side of the Cascades was cold and these was snow at the side of the roads and ice on the rocks. After long winding roads, you come out on the other side, where the weather is much warmer and the hills more rock than vegetation.

Winthrop is a must-see on this trip. Model on old Western towns. You almost expect Clint Eastwood to step out from behind a building holding his Colt out. The major occupation here seems to be growing horses. I saw a lot of farms with horses running around here.

Next stop Lake Chelan. The apple basket. The road here is lined with apple groves.

Then you come to Leavenworth. By the time I got there it was already dark, so I was not able to see much of this old German town.

Then you have the long drive back to Redmond.

It is a wonderful day-trip. It takes about 8 hours to complete. One tank of fuel.


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