Siddharth’s Idea

Siddharth loves to hear a story before he goes to bed. His favorite stories revolve around Spiderman putting Big Bad Wolf in his place. Yesterday though Sumi told him a new story.

In a nutshell, all of us are traveling by airplane and the airplane’s gear breaks. As the plane is falling to the ground, Siddharth gets an idea and calls Spidey to save the day.

The story was received with the usual excitement. But more interestingly, Siddharth caught on the point that he had an “idea”.

So today morning he comes and asks me where his idea is. Thinking that it was a genuine question, I told him it was in his head. He contradicted me and told me that it was in his pocket. He then reaches into him pocket and pulls out his idea (his cupped palm facing upwards).

I ask him what he will do with his idea and he says that he will call Spidey with his idea. Then he punches imaginary keys and holds it up to his ear to call Spidey.

What an idea!


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