Sid’s Hungry

“Mama, he is feeling hungry in his poppy-to.”

That is how Sid let his mother know that he wanted to pass urine. He knew the word “hungry” but hadn’t understood it. But very soon he realized that hungry had nothing much to do with passing urine and stopped using it in the context.

However, he hadn’t found the meaning of the word either, he just now knew that it did not mean “passing urine”.

Recently we drove from Ooty to Cochin, and on the ghat roads Sid brought up due to motion sickness. After a couple of times he realized that he could tell when he would bring up.

“Papa, he is feeling hungry”, he tells me.

“Do you want me to stop the car?” I ask him.

“Yes”, he says emphatically.

When we stop and get him out of the car, he brings up.

So now “hungry” means to vomit out what is in his stomach rather than ingest food into his stomach.


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