The Ultimate Malayali Name

Five years ago I made a blog entry title Malayali Names. At the time of writing that article I mistakenly thought that I had heard them all until now.

Somebody tell me why two adults would curse their child with the name “Honeymon”.

Hold the laughter, it isn’t a typo, the name really is “Honeymon” with a single “o”. “Mon”, pronounced almost like “mourn”, means son in Malayalam.

Ok so his parents want us to know that he is their “honey”. But they had no clue what this would do to their son. Here are a few samples.

At school, teacher calls out to our here, “Honey, meet me in the staffroom after school”.

With friend, someone asks him, “Honey, you free on Saturday night?”

With boss, “Honey I need to see you in my cabin”.

But it doesn’t end here. Honey will go on to have children. So get ready to know people called Mr. Honey or Ms. Honey.


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