Passport Woes

So we decided to get Sid his own passport. It was supposed to be a pretty straightforward thing. I have a passport, my wife has one, we have proof of domicile, proof of birth and proof of marriage. But we had not counted on the Indian Passport Office’s ingenuity.

On approaching the counter I am told that I need my wife’s name on my passport and vice versa before Siddharth gets an identity.

I put the following scenarios to the passport and he had no answer to them. If anybody can help me understand this strange requirement, I would be very indebted to them.

Scenario 1: Man is married to woman A. They have a child. Two years down the line they divorce. Man marries woman B. When his child is 5 years old, he decides to get the child a passport. Which spouse’s name would have to be included in the man’s passport?

Scenario 2: Woman dies in child birth. Does the man still have to add his dead spouse’s name into his passport before his child can be issued a passport?

Scenario 3: Husband dies a couple of months before child is born. Does the mother still have to add her dead husband’s name to her passport before the child can be issued a passport?

Scenario 4: Woman is raped by a nameless person. She gets pregnant and decides to keep the child. Does the woman have to add the rapists name to her passport for her child to be issued a passport?

Scenario 5: Orphan child. How does it apply for a passport?

Explanations please!!!!


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