Picking on Microsoft

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Why does everybody like to pick on Microsoft? I wonder! Hmmm! Like many of my other posts this one too has its roots in a discussion with a friend of mine.

When I shared the link to my photos on pavementviews.spaces.live.com, I am told that I should use Picasa. I don’t have a problem using Picasa, but I told my friend that I preferred using Live since I could provide feedback to my colleagues who work on the product. To this my friend counters that Google has this area down pat and Microsoft should not waste its time trying to break in.

This is the point where I started having problems. I dont see anybody asking Apple or RedHat to stop working on their OS since MS has the market cornered. I dont see anyone asking Sun to stop worrying about Office suites since MS has the market cornered.

On the contrary all these people walked into an area where MS had the market cornered and are giving their best shot at matching MS.

Until Google we all thought that Yahoo! had the market cornered on search.

Software like every other industry has only benefited from competition. Having Linus and MacOS around has been good for the users of Windows.

Having SQL and Oracle fight it out has meant good things for databases.

Having FireFox around has meant good things for IE users.

Having Live around will do good things for the users of Google products.


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  1. Shyamvallabh says:

    Precisely the point I was making about ICL, you get a better deal as a viewer, BCCI in on its toes, it tries to improve stadia, ticketing, deal uncertainty of TV rights.

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