A truly local bank

HSBC (Photo credit: Kansir)

On the 31st of July I mistakenly assumed that I had finished my last angry day with HSBC. For over 5 years my wife had worked there with their data processing division (HDPI) and over the years I had come to hate the organization for their callousness and total lack of understanding (both with their customers and their employees). Let me list out a few of my brushes with this multinational kirana shop.

1. A gentleman waits in queue at the bank. When he approaches the window, he holds out a Rs. 500 note and requests the teller for change. She promptly tells him that he cannot change the note there unless he had an account with HSBC. It was like a Maruti authorized dealer refusing to service a Maruti car because it was not bought at his dealership.

2. The HDPI will offer cab facility to their employees if they need to come to work before 7 am and need to leave after 9 pm. Fair enough. But HDPI does not provide parking or waiting areas for cars picking up employees between these times.

3. None of the HSBC ATMs have any sort of parking facility. I guess they assume that the whole world travels in buses and trains.

4. They give my wife shares in recognition of her performance. But when she goes to retrieve the shares, she is told that HSBC did not qualify to give their employees shares so she gets nothing for her performance. At no point from the time when they “supposedly” gave her the shares to the day she went to retrieve it did they ever communicate to her the status of the shares.

5. After over 5 years of service, when my wife leaves the company to take care of our son. The company withholds her salary for a month. It seems it is company policy, and it takes the brains at HSBC’s accounting division 30 days to figure out how much they need to pay her at the end of her service. What do they do? Use fingers to count?

Truly a local bank.


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