Much pottering about nothing

English: made it in mspaint
English: made it in mspaint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is that time again when the purists line up against the populists and debate the effects of the adventures of a young magician and his friends on the psyche of our children (and adults). As the final installation of the Harry Potter saga hits the stands and flies out in speeds that make F1 drivers envious, everybody wants in, even if it is on the other side.

Although we would like to believe that we read more literary works in our childhood, the fact is our childhood was made up of the Hardy Boys, Asterix, Tintin and the Secret Seven. Black Beauty and Kidnapped were read not in their entirety but in abridged forms. In fact I was all of 20 when I read the full versions of both those books. Before them I had completed the Robert Ludlum, Robin Cook, Jeffery Archer and Leon Uris list of books.

Agreed that Rowling’s level of language isn’t of Nobel quality. But I ask, so what?

She tells a spanking good tale with just the right lessons that we want our children to learn and she tells in a style which the kids enjoy.

So sit back, strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride.

When it is done, go pick up Beowulf and re-read it if you like.


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