Is India Free?

Wrote this as a reply to a post on Orkut asking the question in the subject line.

Is India free? The answer is an emphatic Yes and therein lies the problem.

We are free to burst loud crackers anywhere and everywhere, irrespective of the fact that there might be a sick person in a house nearby.
We are free to relieve ourselves at any place of our choosing.
We are free to bless any location with our spittle.
We are free to put up posters on anything that will hold it.
We are free to board a bus or train which is well over the limit of people it should be carrying.
We are free to run public transport in this manner.
We are free to beat up our children.
We are free to own dogs that create a racket.
We are free to let our cows roam the streets.
We are free to dig up a public road to lay a water pipe from the well across the street to our house.
We are free to build a 5-storey building where the law says you cant build over 2.
We are free to put our children in any school we like.
We are free to not send out children to school.
We are free to park directly under a No Parking sign.
We are free to drive on any side of the road.
We are free to turn without using indicators.
We are free to turn right with our left indicator on.
We are free to actually publicly debate whether it is okay to allow 10 children or 8 children in autorikshaws which are authorised to carry only three.
We are free to criticize the government for not bringing in foreign investment.
We are free to criticize the government for identifying our land as the one to be given to the MNC coming in.
We are free to hold protests to stop the building of a road since it would mean moving a stone or tree which is considered holy.

We are free to choose our leaders.

How much more freedom does anybody want?


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