Evolution Today

Is humankind still evolving? If so, what are the changes and why do we not see it?

For decades now the war has ranged between the supporters of the Creation theory and the Theory of Evolution about who is right.

For believers of the former, the lack of answers to any and every question is “proof” that there is a higher being. So when science answers one question, they just look for another question that science cannot answer at that moment in time.

This is my take on the evolution of evolution itself, so to speak.

When humankind learnt to communicate ideas across generations, it was the final step in classic evolution. From that moment on, evolution was changed. Suddenly the lessons learnt in one place could be communicated to people in another place, even to people in another generation. This meant that an entire lifetime was not spent in learning everything that the last generation already knew.

This second-hand knowledge was then used to avoid the mistakes already made, and of course to make newer mistakes.

It also led to inventions.

Humankind realized the turnaround time for evolution was just too long for it to be effective in the here and the now. So instead of evolving itself, humankind just went about changing the environment.

Is the weather too hot or too cold? Don’t grow fur or lose hair just turn on the air-conditioner.
Want to fly? No need to grow wings just get on an airplane.
Want to go underwater? No need for gills, just put on a breathing apparatus.
Want to run faster? Use an automobile.
Want to hunt smarter? Use weapons.
Food to hard? Mash it.

Evolution has evolved. So if someone asks you for proof of evolution that person is looking but not seeing.


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