So Who’s Watching This Crap?

We live in a time when over 3000 American soldiers have lost their lives in a war that they needn’t have been fighting in the first place, but all the T.V. News is full of a set of men fighting over the paternity of the child of a dead Playboy model.

I used to think television journalism in India was frivolous, but these guys make NDTV look like a serious news channel.

Everywhere I go I hear jokes about the amount of air time these channels are giving to the Anna Nicole story. That got me wondering. Why would a channel devote so much time to a frivolous story like this unless they knew there was an audience out there for it?

So who’s watching this crap?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ironhide says:

    cough cough..i download some of those “news stories” occasionally 😛

  2. maverick says:

    I like the way you put the “news stories” in quotes because after the event, which was tragic no doubt, everything else was a circus not news.

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