The Korean Nuke Test

So they finally went ahead and did it. After months, nay years, of speculation of “do they and don’t they?” and “will they and won’t they?” the North Koreans finally went ahead and tested a nuclear device.

Should the world be worried?

I say it should, not because there is another nuclear-capable country now, but because of the statement put out by the North Korean government after the tests. It said that the tests would go a long way in ensuring peace and stability in the region.

That is just another way of saying, “Don’t fuck with us, we are armed now.”

If the North Koreans were looking at putting the world at ease they should have referred to the benefits that nuclear power would give them in the form of clean energy instead of talking of peace and stability which directly points to intentions of using the power as a weapon.

India‘s comment that this event clearly reflects proliferation of nuclear technology through clandestine means has hit the nail on the head. If the five nuclear powers would not have slanted the NPT in their favor it would have been easier to get nations to sign it and stick to it. With North Korea going nuclear it has been clearly shown that the treaty is unable to even hold signatories in check, let alone non-signatories.

As we hurtle heedlessly towards our own destruction, the path we are on suddenly seems inevitable.


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