Hyderabad’s Finest Sloths

Panjagutta Junction, Humayun Nagar Main Road, Banjara Hills Road No 1, Khairatbad Junction, Attapur Ring Road Chaurastha, Prasad’s Multiplex and the list goes on. These are few locations where one gets to see the definition of sheer ineptness.

The traffic police in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad must rank as the most slothful and inept set of humans on the planet.

An utter lack of understanding of the basic road rules ensures that they are made up as we go along. A case in point is the Begumpet flyover, the one that runs over the Begumpet Railway Station. It must be the only flyover in the world where motorists are allowed to take a u-turn to the left at the bottom of the flyover.

Then there are the roundabouts in the city. The very term roundabout indicates that traffic must flow around it. But in the twin cities people use it as a u-turn. Once again this may be an “only occurrence” worldwide of traffic facing both sides inside a roundabout.

819 deaths in 253 days.

Is it any surprise that people are DYING at the rate of 3.24 per day on the streets of the twin cities?

That about 10 people ever three days.

A department filled with nincompoops and outright idiots ensure that the roads in the city are death traps.

I am reminded of a scene from the movie Agneepath where an honest policeman (remember all characters in the movie were fictional and bore no resemblance to any one living or dead) carries his wife’s sindoor can in his pocket. The reasoning being if he were to die she wouldn’t need it the following day. Today every person stepping out of their house in the twin cities needs to do the same.


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