How To Buy a Motorcycle – Tip 1

Parking space used to be a point to keep in mind when buying a car. But with the increasing number of vehicles it needs to be considered when buying a motorcycle too.

Going by what I saw today, the Royal Enfield 350 CC is the winner on this count.


Bear with me.

I was standing in front of the HSBC office on Banjara Hills Road No 10. As usual I was parked away on a side street and I came out on to the main road to have a smoke and have a look-see at the beautiful women HSBC seems to recruit with such ease. Somehow none of these turn up at interviews I have conducted.

The road in front of HSBC was as usual characteristic of a bank I have come to identify with chaos. They setup ATMs and banks which provide no facility for parking. Their BPO operation offices are no different. So the narrow road is usually clogged with cabs ferrying HSBC’s precious employees to and from the office, huge buses which I have never been able to fathom what HSBC uses for. Right opposite the road Karvy has now added to the confusion. In the midst of this arrived the now ubiquitous tow van belonging to Hyderabad’s largest group of uniformed cowards.

Majestically the threatening figure roamed up and down the road once before settling on its victims. Opposite to the HSBC office two bikes were parked, one a Hero Honda Splendour, the other a Royal Enfield.

The tow van returned from down the street and stopped next to both bikes, which incidentally were both parked almost identically. The members of Hyderbad’s largest group of cowards proceeded to manhandle the Hero Honda Splendour on to the tow vehicle and conveniently ignored the much larger and heavier Enfield.

So if you are planning on buying a bike and would like to park in the manner that only Hyderabadis can, the answer to your problem is the Royal Enfield 350 CC.


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