An Existence Called Arjun Singh

“When in trouble create more”, seems to be the rule by which our politicians live and none epitomizes this better than Mr Arjun Singh.

I have been troubling my memory for the past 15 minutes and I am unable to remember one act of sense from this person.

His two most recent acts define his political career. First was the utterly silly but always saleable “reservation issue” and then the “Vande Mataram” issue.

We have our leading scientist as our President and a leading economist as our Prime Minister. Another leading economist is handling Finance and the perennial buffoon is actually doing a fabulous job with the railways, West Bengal has a communist government that supports progress and in the midst of all this hope, almost as if it were a balancing act, there is a dark black hole called Arjun Singh.

What gets me even more is that there are people working day and night on my money to ensure that he is not hurt in anyway. Security men and woman who on even their worst days are greater contributors to this nation in general and their families in particular can be called to step into the line of fire to save this moron who should have been confined to a mental asylum years ago.

Unless we find a way to get the middle class into voting at elections people like Arjun Singh will continue to be elected and continue to make a mockery of life and all that it stands for.


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