Much Ado About A Code

I once read somewhere that marriage is the most convincing argument against the Theory of Evolution. But jokes apart the most convincing argument against the theory are religious fanatics. This time the Catholic Church is up in arms about a silly, and according to reviews boring, movie based on a silly, and I must admit not very boring, book called The Da Vinci Code.

Events like these prove the point I have been trying to make, our religious leaders care less about our souls and our Gods, it is control that they crave. So anything that intrudes or threatens that control is immediately banned and black-listed. The authors, film-makers, artists, singers are spewed venom against from every pulpit in the world.

Personally I don’t like The Da Vinci Code. I thought the book was silly, if gripping, and from reviews coming out of Cannes where it was premiered the movie is sillier still. But I wish and hope it will be released in India without the silly disclaimers the even sillier church wants to put at the beginning and end of the movie.

Sony is right to stand its ground. Such schoolyard bullies should not be allowed to have their way. It only emboldens them.

In fact now I even hope the movie does fabulously well in India. To that end I will buy a ticket to the movie. Of course I will not actually use the ticket and watch the movie. The price of that ticket is my contribution to the collective slap we all need to give the church for its childish behavior.

Like they so often tell you in Christian institutions around the world – Spare the rod and spoil the child.


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