Pramod Mahajan – Just Rewards

The last fortnight has seen two seemingly unrelated events which shared newspaper headlines across the country. One was the shooing of Pramod Mahajan, the BJP leader, by his brother and his subsequent death, and the other was the violence in Vadodara sparked off by the demolition of a dargah by the municipal corporation as part of its road widening effort.

The religion of hate sponsored by the BJP and their allies, and I don’t mean their political allies, has meant that this country today is in a constant grip of fear. A small spark is all that is required to start a conflagration which can consume hundreds of lives.

The background of the violence in Vadodara was an apt one for Pramod Mahajan’s untimely death. A man who didn’t enjoy popular support even among his ilk, but one who climbed up the ladder through constantly licking the right arse was shot by his younger brother. As an Indian having to live through the times created by animals such as Mahajan, it is difficult for me to feel sorry for him.

He got what he deserved and from the right quarters.


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