A God of Hollow Things: Hollow Commandments

For long the Ten Commandments have been held the fountainhead of all laws. The premise that it was given by God made it Holy and Untouchable. It could not be questioned.

Commandments or Laws are not the solution to our problems. In fact, in more ways that one they are the problem.

Every law made by man has a sub-law that allows you to break the main law.

Main Law: Thou Shalt Not Kill

Sub Law 1: You can kill in self-defence.

Sub Law 2: You can kill someone who threatens the life of a loved one. For instance, your child.

Main Law: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Sub Law: You can sleep with another man/or woman if you and the partner are single and unattached.

So on and so forth it goes. Laws do not solve the problem. In fact they only serve to confuse the issue.

Let us for a moment forget the laws as we know them and look at things as just Right and Wrong.

Now let us take a scenario. Your son got a girl pregnant. When asked to marry the girl, he refused. The girl commits suicide. The girl’s father is in the process of killing your son. You step in and kill the girl’s father to save your son.

Who is the guilty one here?

When looked at as just Right or Wrong, both you and the girl’s father are in the Right, while your son is in the Wrong. But according to today’s laws you are the guilty one.

Thou Shalt Love Your Parents.

What if your parent is a drunkard and comes home every night and beats you up, rapes your sister and ill-treats your mother? Do you still love him? If you don’t, according to the Bible, you stand to gain the wrath of God.

The 10 commandments, like any other law, was written by a man who meditated for a period of time, looked around and saw the ills in His society and wrote laws to solve them. We, however, have turned it into the Word of God and there lies the problem.

In this series of articles, I will explore the fruitlessness of the pursuit of God. A pursuit we undertake and ignore the search for Man.


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