Women’s Emancipation – A Misguided Adventure

At the end of this month, I will begin a new phase in my career – one as a consultant where I will work from home. The decision was long pending and the impending arrival of the baby hastened it a bit. The timing of the decision has also led to another interesting development – my canonization as a saint.

I have had multiple people walk up to me and tell me that they admire my decision to “give up” my job and allow Sumi to continue with hers.

The fact of the matter, however, is far from such utopian dreams of women’s emancipation. Although it is in a way is it “equality” for the woman, it was never the basis of our decision. The decision was made on more mundane parameters like which of the jobs is more stable in the long run, and of course, the fact that the decision means more income overall.

This sets the stage for what I wanted to say on women’s liberation.

Women’s liberation does not mean having men give up what they have. It doesn’t involve burning the underclothes of women. It does not mean that men must bow to their women. It doesn’t even mean putting power in the hands of women.

All it means is recognition of one’s ability.

Women’s emancipation is in fact the emancipation of mankind as a whole. It means using our resources optimally. It doesn’t mean the subjugation or the ascendancy of any one sex.

A man who gives up his job to allow his wife/woman to keep hers must not do it because he believes in women’s liberation. It must be a decision taken keeping in mind overall benefits. Does the couple gain out of the transaction? If the woman keeping her job is good for the couple, then she should keep her job.


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