Why Are We Here?

It is the eternal question and you will get as many answers as the number people you put it to. So here is mine.

We are here to propagate the species. Everything we do must be in that direction.

This answer is mistaken by most to be a sexual answer. The truth is far from that. Each generation has a responsibility to ensure that we move forward as a species. Each generation owes that to the next.

A generation of brave Indians fought for freedom. They bequeathed to the generations that followed the sweet smell of freedom. They were followed by a generation that reaped the fruits of their sacrifices.

Unfortunately, the post-independence generation was also a greedy one. They had not suffered slavery, but they had learnt the calls for freedom from their parents. So they took and took and took. In the process, they left the country poorer.

It was up to the next generation to set right the faults of their fathers. Fortunately, they took up the responsibility and shouldered it. Today, we reap the benefits of their actions.

Now, the chance is ours. We have to ensure that we do not shirk our responsibility. We have to consciously let go of our selfishness and work in earnest towards building a better world for our children.

Propagation of the species does not begin and end with procreation. Procreation is but a small, albeit, important step in that direction. However, to ensure that we survive we also need to make the world better. This must be in terms of environment, lifestyle and values.

The person who invented spectacles needn’t have had children to propagate the species. Through his invention, he ensured that the lack of vision was no longer a killer.

Mother Teresa did not need three children to do her part in the propagation of the species. She gave the world love and compassion. These tools will help mankind survive.

So propagation of the species is not about sex, it is about responsibility and it is the only reason we are all here.


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