The Unsung Braves

There is a new breed of bravery in town – the one of the common variety.

Till recently bravery was usually associated with soldiers and others who would put themselves in harm’s way every time they ventured out.

However, with the advent of terrorism and the explosive growth in the numbers of these cowards, the common person is now called up on to display his/her bravery each day. Every moment of one’s life could very well be the last. There is no rhyme or reason to the targets selected by the rats who come out of their holes, steal lives and rush back in to their dark corners.

Last night Bangalore had its taste of this meaningless violence. An innocent life was lost, and its associated family thrown into the grips of a sadness created by a dastardly act, the reason for which they cannot comprehend.

Today Bangalore has gone about its business. Office are working, shops are selling New Year wares, and pubs are playing their music. Within a couple of days this act will be forgotten, except by the family who have lost a more than just a name or photograph flashing on the screens of television news channels.

But in this callousness is a form of bravery, call it reckless bravery if you like. But it is bravery nevertheless. Bangaloreans will welcome 2006 the way they welcomed 2005 and the many years before these. There will be hope for the future and expectations from a fresh new year.

The rats on the other hand will spend their New Year eve and day in dirty scrumy holes, worrying about their worthless lives, never once thinking of the possibilities that wasted life once held.

But this is not about rats, it is about the brave.

Let’s raise a glass to them, those that go to work every day, those that send their children to schools every day, those that take their families on holidays, those that will dance way into the night of the last day of 2005 and welcome the first rays of 2006 with hope and confidence.

Let’s pause and think of the many lives that we have lost to such mindless violence and their brave families who have carried on and looked forward. They could very well have turned to hate, and vengeance, but they chose to look at life and to live it.

Let’s hear a cheer for these brave people and take heart that all is not lost as long as there are enough that believe in the light.


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