Religion’s Holiday Spots Closing Down

The Vatican has announced that ‘Limbo’ no longer exists. For the uninitiated, here are some definitions:

Limbo – The temporary status of the souls of good persons who died before the resurrection of Jesus, and the permanent status of the unbaptised who die in infancy (without having committed any personal sins, but without having been freed from original sin).
Purgatory – Purgatory is a process of purification of the soul after death, following the particular judgment and ordinarily a requirement before entry into Heaven.

The keepers of our faith have no clue about whether limbo and purgatory actually exist. In fact, nobody even knows if heaven and hell actually exist.

But they have decided to spare us one of these fanciful imaginary holiday spots – Limbo

As of this month, the Vatican has officially announced closing down Limbo.

This of course means that Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, Elijah, and then the millions and millions of babies that died before their baptism must now be accommodated as refuges in heaven, and hell.

Although that’s not perfect, it is at least a step towards closing down that horrid place – heaven.


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