Sudarshan’s 3-Child Policy

Recently the top-honcho of the RSS went on record to say that every Hindu would only do his/her duty if they had at least three children. He reasoning was that it was a method to keep the demographic of this country tilted towards this Hindu side of things.

Even at their most logical most fanatics sound shrill and childlike, but when they are in the mood that Mr. Sudarshan was, it is a positive comedy.
Over and over again the RSS-VHPBJP combine have shown that they never think things through. Everytime they do something, tom-tom it to the world, and then the very next day finds them covering in some corner like a dog that’s been whipped.
Be it Pokhran-II, Babri Masjid, Jinnah, History textbooks, or 3-Child policy, they seem to be out to prove their ineptness, and their lack of understanding of the core issues. The feed on and feed a sense of fear into the people.

Time and again history has proven that such movements only lead to tragedy – the Nazi regime being the most “shining” example.

While the Right and the Left spends its time criticizing the Congress, the fact remains that every major achievement in this country came under a Congress government. Pokhran-II, I suppose, was intended to remove that imbalance. But, the very act was foolish and childish from idea to execution.

The 3-Child policy is yet another blundering, unresearched idea that these fanatical nincompoops have come up with. It is a direct attempt at pushing this country towards disaster without a care.


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