Who’s Teasing Who

When I was younger we had a cute little Pomeranian called Paru. She was a very loveable, and obedient dog. So much so that if you put the food in front of her and instructed her not to touch it, she would sit protectively over the dish without ever touching the food. One day, my brother instructed her not to touch the food and then moved away. When he went back in the evening to get her dish, she was still there, chasing all the crows away from her food. But she hadn’t touched it. My brother felt terrible at his cruelty and vowed never to repeat it ever.

Men today are faced with a similar situation.

Women dress more and more provocatively, bosoms are out, clothes fit tighter, sleeves are non-existent, and skirts are shorter, but men are not allowed to touch. Forget touching, men can’t even look. If they do either, the woman will immediately cry sexual harassment.

That there is sexual harassment is proven without a doubt. The only problem is that it is the supposed victim who is in fact the perpetrator.

When you hang something in the front window, what it indicates is that you are open for business. You are enticing the passers-by to look and if they like, they can buy.

When a woman flashes her body, it is a similar invitation.

It’s high time women realized this and dressed appropriately. If they don’t want to be stared at, they are most welcome to cover themselves. But when they display, they better be ready to be checked out.


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