Fake Gods

Watching images of destruction in the wake of Katrina my belief about the lack of a “God” was further strengthened. Not because He let this happen, but because this is the way a God would be.

Religion, the way we know it, is skewed to put power in the hands of a few. From the very beginning of society, power has been tossed back and forth between the executive and the priesthood. Whereas we have, through democracy, gotten rid of imperial rulers, we are yet to find a way out of the grip that religion holds over us. Make no mistake, it is all about power.

If you sin, as a Catholic you confess, and viola your sins are forgiven. Go beat up your wife, kick the shit out of her, then go tell your local priest about it, and you are forgiven. Get drunk, run over a few innocents, then go tell your local priest about it, and you are now free of all guilt.

Building a house, and the layout doesn’t match the one required by your temple priest, no problem, the God’s are always open to being bribed. Donate a few gold ornaments at the local temple as “parihaaram” (appeasement), and now your house is looked up on favorably by the Gods.

The entire concept of religion goes against life itself. Because in life there is no second chance. You screw up, you pay.

Cut down trees to allow for more habitation, and in the next few rains you lose all the silt.

Take away natural islands off your coast, and face the wrath of hurricanes.

Cut stones from the base of mountains to use in construction, suffer a landslide during the next rain.

Mother Nature does not forgive, there is no “parihaaram” (appeasement).

That is not to mean that you don’t make more land for habitation, or that you don’t dig for more oil. It just means that for everything you take out of Mother Nature, you will pay for it, one way or the other.

This is not a fake God, this is the real McCoy.


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