Letters to the CM – Humble Request

Dear Sir,

I write to you with a humble request, which I hope you will treat seriously.

During this month, your entourage has blocked traffic during peak
hours thrice. The reason I mention this is because this has never
happened in the last 5 years that I have been in Hyderabad. Both you
and your predecessor have always kept the common person in mind when
travelling through the city.

But thrice is almost a 200% rise as compared to the last 5 years.

From whatever little knowledge I have gleaned from reading, I
understand that cities, and countries have their own protocols, which
most guests will honor. I wonder why we cannot have it as a protocol
that all meetings that require an entourage, any entourage, to travel
through the city must begin at 7 a.m. or after 10 a.m. That way,
thousands of the city’s working class will not be inconvinienced.

Even without such road blocks it takes me well over 30 minutes to do a
drive of under 10 kms. I pity people who might be coming into the city
from places almost 20 kms away. After over an hour’s drive they get
stuck in traffic at Begumpet or Banjara Hills.

Recently the RTA made Road No 1 as a one-way. I will not comment on
whether this is good or not, only time will answer that. But what I
would like to point out is, that a protocol as I have mentioned above
will affect far less people than the one-way at Road No 1.

I hope this letter is taken in the spirit it is written.


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