Silly Kicks

Kiran is one of the softest people you can meet. I first met him as a colleague, and as has happened with a lot of others, we became close friends. He is also one of the most soft-spoken and shy people I know. If you know Kiran, chances are that most of your memories of him will be of him apologizing for something he “thinks” he has done and hurt you. Sometimes it gets irritating.

There is a Mr. Hyde side to Kiran. That side surfaces when he gets behind the wheel of a car. Kiran can make Villenue and Sato look like smooth drivers. So rash and careless is Kiran’s driving that his father describes his driving as “like an auto-driver’s”.

It’s a silly kick.

Here is someone who will apologise profusely if he were to spill a drop of water on you, but put him behind the wheel of a car, and he drives like he doesn’t care for your life.

It isn’t that Kiran will enjoy knocking down someone. In fact, if that sad incident were to happen, Kiran would be worse affected that the unfortunate who gets knocked down.

Hence, it is a silly kick.

My question is why do we need that kick?

Each one of us is a nice human being inside. If we ever hurt another person, we would pay for it through mental torture.

Why then can we not conduct ourselves in a manner that avoids us finding ourselves in a situation where we could cause hurt?

Drive safely.

For obvious reasons the person’s name and other details have been fudged.


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