Changing Perceptions

Recently I was given to understand that the Church now teaches its seminarians that each day of creation referred to in the Book of Genesis, may in fact be many thousands of years. So although the Bible tells you that the Universe was built in 6 days, in fact it might have taken 6000 years or so.

I find this very interesting. In fact, I welcome it.

The Book of Genesis is the first written record of Man trying to understand things around him. So, in fact, the first scientist wrote it.

A search on Google brought forth the following definition for Scientist – a person who uses observation, experimentation, and theory to learn about a subject.

Men looked around them and wondered how things had turned out they way they saw it. Obviously, with no written records, they had to make-up things as they went along. So they made up a God, and then things were easy. Whatever you saw around you was the handiwork of God.

That is where science stopped and blind faith began.

But that blip notwithstanding, the Book of Genesis was Man’s first scientific attempt.


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