A Tragedy Unfolds

On the western edge of Sudan lies the Darfur region. It is home to non-Arab, black Muslims. The Darfur region is divided into three federal states. The Furs are largely a farming people, and number around half a million. That number has reduced by about 30000 over the past year and a half. Darfur is the stage on which we humans are playing out yet another sordid act.

The largely Arab dominated Sudanese government has been supporting a systematic genocide of the Furs through a band of thugs called Janjaweed. The modus operandi is simple. First the Sudanese Air Force bombs the village and then the Janjaweed ride in on camels and horses killing everybody they see.

Horrifying stories of human rights violations pour out of Darfur, yet the governments around the world, the media, and others who know choose to keep quiet about this tragedy.

It is high time this tragedy was spoken about, and pressure is brought to bear on the leaders of Sudan to put an end to this tragedy.


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