The government has banned India’s first ever Grand Prix driver, Narain Karthikeyan, from using his patriotic helmet Livery in F1.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has sought a clarification from the Centre if the Indian cricketers could use the three colours on the national flag in their costume without the Ashok Chakra after the Government banned display of the tricolour by them in the uniform.

To represent the country, is for any person, the highest honor. In the field of sport it has come to be identified with excellence. Especially in a country like India with a population of around a billion people, it is special to be the one chosen to represent the country.

When Leander Paes hears “India serving”, it gives him the muscle to pound in a serve that he doesn’t have.
P.T. Usha strives for that extra yard of pace so she can carry the tricolor around the stadium.
The nation erupts in joy or frustration depending on how the cricket team has performed.

In a nation where the line between politics and mafia is so thin that at places it doesn’t exist. In a nation where the best brains flee to the West to realise their dreams. The people are left with their sportsmen and on-screen heroes. These are the people that the common man identifies with.

When an Indian team leaves for a World Cup, be it in any field, the nation prays for their success. It is only fitting then that they carry the flag with them.

The Indian cricket team is out there fighting for the nation’s pride.
F1 is the pinnacle of motor sports, and Narain is our only representative there.

If these people cannot wear our liviery, who can?


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