The Minority Report ****

Starring: Tom Cruise, Collin Farrel
Director: Steven Speilberg
Rating: 4/5
Rewatchability Index: 5/5

Set in the future, 2056, The Minority Report is a whodunnit in the finest trandition. A doctor working with the offspring of drug addicts realizes that the hallucinatory dreams that the children see are actually predictions of murders that are to occur. In conjunction with a law enforcement officer she builds a system that allows us to see the dreams and prevent it from happening. Precrime is born. In six years precrime all but finishes premeditated crime. The only type of murders now are crimes of passion. So when John Anderton, the cheif of Precrime is identified as the next perpetrator, he has to find out who the person he is supposed to kill is and why he would want to kill him.

In a society where we have given up all our rights, a member of the system has to fight the very system he built to prove his innocence.

Spielberg waves an immesely watchable thriller.

Tom Cruise and Colin Farrel are more than adequate for the characters they portray.


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