Van Helsing

Starring: Jack Hughman,

Rating: 4/5

Rewatchability Index: 5/5

Seen at: Vinay’s 403

The movie chronicles Van Helsing’s war to stop Dracula from discovering the secret to creating life, which he had almost had when Dr. Frankenstein that teamed up with him. But he killed the good doctor and the secret died with him, almost. The Frankenstein monster was still around and if Dracula were to get hold of him, he would be able to use him to give life to his children.

In this task Van Helsing is helped my Marishka, the last descendent of a family that has vowed to destroy Dracula. However, if she dies without destroying Dracula, nine generations of her family will be damned to enteral purgatory. So Van Helsing doesn’t have to just kill Dracula, but he has to keep her alive too.

A slick movie, that keeps you going and doesn’t slacken the pace anywhere. A real fun watch.


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