The Polar Express

Starring: Tom Hanks

Director: Robert Zemekis:

Rating: 3/5

Rewatchability Index: 1/5

Seen at: Prasads IMAX

The Polar Express is the story of a yong boy’s discovery of Santa and the Christmas spirit. He dreams of being on the ‘Polar Express’ and making a trip to the North Pole, where Santa gives out the first gift of Christmas.

The movie has Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks and even more Tom Hanks.

On the plus column, the use of 3-D was for the first time not jarring. Within minutes you forget that you are seeing a 3-D movie. Zemekis and his team proceed to create a world that fills the space around you. It is 3-D the way it should be used. Unlike other movies using this technology where things keep popping out at you to remind you that it is a 3-D movie.

On the minus side, I guess it has to do more with me having grown out of the Christmas, Santa thing. So the story didn’t really do much for me.

But watch it nonetheless to see what 3-D can really acheive, other than just gimicks.


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