Room P01, Vanenburg

Monday morning we moved into the Vanenburg premises. I have been allotted room P07, which just happens to be, along with P01, the best room on the premises.

Entering the cottage, you have a pretty large living room cum kitchenette. Then you have the bedroom, with a huge double bed. Attached to the bedroom is a 10×6 bathroom. It has a beautiful tub and a separate shower too.

The room comes stocked with a bathrobe, innumerable number and types of towels, the kitchen has all sorts of glasses and a refrigerator with all sorts of drinks.

There is a computer which also doubles up as a television, and of course internet connection.

The first thing I did was soak myself in the tub and let all the “worries of the day” be washed off. I took my cigarettes with me and smoked two as I lay there in the lap of luxury.

The bed is something else all together. It is exactly what a parent should be with a child, soft but firm. When you hop into it, the first thought is, “Oops! Tomorrow I am going to have a bad back day.” But then when you lie down, it gently supports your lumbar and you have a very restful sleep.

Cordys loves to pamper its people and believe me, the people like it.

Of course, the room assigned to me is usually reserved for VIPs and the only reason they gave it to a commoner was because there are no other rooms in the castle.

At the end of the week, when Landal Heihaas has rooms again, we get carted back there, to live the common life.

But until then you can address me as “Sire”.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sire, Nice to go through your exotic life, though short lived. Great description. Got a good feel of what it was like at the whole trip. Just couldn’t feel your desperateness and struggle to get smoke gaps(coz I dont).Think for a while.. U know

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